Either blame it on the alcohol during Happy Hour, working a 12 hour shift, or the DOT FAIRY just came into town! 😐😐 No matter what, we all fall victim to the Makeup Wipes! It is a quick form of makeup removal and then we usually hit the sheets. They are quick and easy and lazy proof.. 


The PROS of Makeup Wipes: Quick and easy makeup removal! Usually 50% of your makeup is removed. Using a facial/makeup wipes to remove your makeup is better than not removing your makeup at all. Something is better than nothing! If you are going to use facial wipes, try to get alcohol free.

The Cons of Makeup Wipes: Makeup removal/facial wipes do not substitute actually washing your face! Most wipes have alcohol in them, which can start to break down the top layer of our skin and can cause dry patches. These wipes also contain chemicals (that help to "remove" makeup) and preservatives (that help to keep the wipes saturated and "fresh") These ingredients can harm the skin. The chemicals will leave a residue on your skin and can actually push the makeup particles deeper into your pores.


In my professional opinion, makeup wipes are a good option when you don't have the energy to actually WASH you face. When we just can't bring ourselves to doing your full nightly routine, facial/makeup wipes come in handy! However, I do not recommend using makeup/facial wipes as a replacement of our cleanser and water. If you have to make makeup/facial wipes a HABIT, remember to at least rinse your face, if not wash your face to remain overall skin health. 

Good: for quick makeup removal so you can instantly relax and not have to worry.
Bad: If using facial wipes become a habit. They can dry out your skin and cause harm. 

My Favorite Makeup Wipes are the Yes to Cotton Facial Towelettes! Even though they still contain alcohol. I appreciate them on those night where a full skin care routine is not in the plans!(haha)

What facial/makeup wipes do you use?

Your Skin Therapist, 

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  1. So I use makeup wipes to take off my makeup and save my face cloths. Then I still wash and moisturize my face afterward. Is that okay for my skin?

  2. Yes! That is what I do. As long as the chemicals are washed off the skin! :)