Hey friends! Welcome BACK! I'm introducing a new subtitle on my blog called,

Product SPOT LIGHT! 

This is when I will share a product that I'm loving and I think you absoultely have to know about! 😊

Sounds awesome right? This week's product SPOT LIGHT goes to the: 

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This cleansing water is ALL-IN-1. It is meant to cleanse your skin, remove makeup, and refresh.

 The micelle molecules work like magnets to draw out dirt and impurities from your skin. Leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed with out harsh chemicals or stripping your skin. It is available in waterproof and an oily skin  formula now. It retails for about $8.00 at your local Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. 

I'm personally obsessed with this cleansing water because it feels amazing on my skin and I love how effective it removes all of my makeup. Even the most stubborn liquid lipstick melts right onto the cotton round and right off of my face! I don't have to scrub at my skin or at my eyes. I think this is a great makeup remover and I love that it preps my skin for the rest of my skin care routine. 

I would recommend,  to use this product to refresh skin after a work out, or to remove makeup before cleanser. This product can be used alone on days where we are too lazy to do our full skin care routine. It is a definitely a better alternative to makeup wipes!!!!! 🙌

This Micellar Water would be a perfect substitution for makeup wipes, since it doesn't contain alcohol and harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. It will simple cleanse, remove makeup, and prep your skin for your cleanser.!


Which Micellar Water fits your skin best?

Your Skin Therapist,

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