Skincare in YOUR 30s!

Hey Friends and Welcome back to my blog!!! Today we are continuing the 'skin care in my..' series.
We are going to be talking about skin care in your 30s, what to expect, how to treat your skin well in your 30s, and everything about turning 30 when it comes to your skin!! Sounds great right?!

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Rihanna is turning 30 this year and these are her skin care secrets! (I asked her- aka asked google)

Drink tons of water!
- Eating a balanced diet and cutting out junk food!
- Mixing moisturizer with Foundation! 


Last week we talked about being in your 20s and in that stage of your life, it's about preventing aging. In your 30s, we want to start focusing on addressing aging! Now that it is happening, let's talk about how we can take care of it.

Oh no! I see Wrinkles!: Our bodies produce less collagen as we get older. So fine lines and wrinkles start to creep up on us; our skin is less plump. The first area wrinkles are usually noticeable is around the smile lines and near the eyes. Smile lines are inevitable.. If you're happy and you know it.. (smile) Right?! :) To help address lines on the face, I recommend Retinol and SPF! The combination is amazing!! and will help to address fine lines. We will talk about Retinol more soon. But SPF helps to protect the skin from the sun. The sun break down collagen faster! So wear your SPF! Also, if you are a smoker.. STOP! Keep your lips moisturized as well.  Shop my favorite anti-aging lip product here! 

Whiskers and unwanted facial hair!: Facial hair is normal when you hit 30, especially on your chiny-chin-chin! I know it's annoying though. To address facial hair, I recommend getting the hair removed professionally. When you start attempting to 'pluck' your chin hairs, it usually results in breakage of the hair and that leads to an ingrown hair and then hyper pigmentation. That is whole new can of worms.. so I would suggest waxing for sure. However, if you notice an abnormal amount of chin hair I would suggest making an appointment with your doctor to check your hormone levels. 
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GREY hair, everywhere!: Your hair is going to turn grey and the texture of your hair may also start to change. According to doctors it's called, pre-pre-pre-pre menopausal. Your eyebrows may be turning grey! But nothing a little brow tint can handle. Just also be aware that the hair DOWN there... may also turn grey!!! 

Why am I STILL breaking out!?!: In your 30s, your hormones are usually all over the place. They are fluctuation up and down and this may cause an imbalance that leads to acne. It is important to try to intake less carbs, sugar, and dairy.. also cleanse your face 2x a day, use benzoyl peroxide, and apply an oil free moisturizer. Read all about my Adult Acne post here!

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It's time to fight the first signs of aging!

Here are 4 things you should do for your Skin in your 30s!

1. Retinol is going to be your NEW best friend - Retinol is a gold standard in preventing aging because it helps to encourage your skin cell turnover and collagen production. This is going to address signs of aging and help renew your skin! Shop this product, here!

2. Apply SPF!! At 30, I recommend SPF 40 or higher! You need the protection. It is going to helps slow down the aging process. I promise. 

3. It's time to include a serum into your skin care routine. Serums are awesome because they are a concentrated skin care product that will help to address any of your main skin issues. They also feel amazing and help to nourish your skin. Shop my favorite serum, here and here

4. Eye cream used to be a maybe, but now in your 30s.. it is a MUST! Eye cream will address, dark circles, puffiness, dryness, and of course fine lines and wrinkles. I recommend getting one that is a tube but also is a roll on. That way you can roll those lines right OUTTA there! 
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In in the end, we can't stop the aging process from happening but we can address it and slow down the process and this will help us age gracefully. Thank your stopping by my blog today! I hope it gave you some insight of how your skin changes in your 30s!! As always, please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below. 

Your Skin Therapist,

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