What Popping Pimples Actually Does to Your Skin!

Welcome back to my blog! Today's SKIN SIN is picking at your skin, popping pimples, and pulling scabs. Popping a pimple may seem harmless but in reality, you are causing more harm than good to your skin!

3 Reasons to Resist Popping Your Pimples!

Inflammation: Pressing, pulling and breaking the skin can cause the pimple to look worse. So if you think it looks bad now... wait until you start poking at it! This will cause more redness and swelling. 

Infection: When you pop a pimple, you tear the skin.. leaving it open for bacteria to get it in and cause an infection. Also you can be spreading bacteria all over your face (one pimple after another).

Scarring/Discoloration: After inflammation occurs, it usually leads to scarring. The pimple will leave a scar behind and even discoloration in the skin. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmenation. The darken skin can take a while to clear up! 


My recommendation, leave the pimple popping to your professional skin therapist. They are trained to use an extractor to effectively remove the dead skin, dirt, and pus without irritating the top layer of the skin. This will result in faster healing and little to no hyper pigmentation! 

I know it is easier said than done.. but try your best to leave the pimple alone. Instead use a spot treatment at night to dry out that pesky pimple. 

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