Hey friends, welcome back to my blog! In this blog post I'm going to give you my complete 
Skin Care Guide for Fit Chicks! Continue reading to find out everything you need for 
Your Best Skin while you stay fit!

So it's no secret that you sweat while exercising.. but what you may not know is that your skin is also working! You're working really hard to engage all of your muscles and so is your skin. While excerising your skin cells are renewing, nourishing, and repairing. You are also increasing your blood circulation and lymphatic flow! This is why you may look red or flushed during your workout. This is all good. Your blood carries oxygen to your skin cells which allows it to rejuvenate and repair. You can think of it as, "You are cleansing your skin from the inside out!"
Isn't that something.... 

However, it is important to encourage all of this good stuff by obtaining a skin care routine. Today I'm going to list everything you need to achieve Your Best Skin while keeping your fit lifestyle!

Facial Wipes - Facial Wipes are SOOOO crucial. Keep them in your gym bag! It's important to wipe your skin to get rid of the dirt, grime, sweat, and bacteria that you have on your skin from your workout. You want to immediately get rid of it so it isn't sitting on your skin! If you don't, it can cause unnecessary breakouts and clogged pores. Shop my favorite wipes here!

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Cleanser - It isn't enough to just splash your face with warm water. You need to cleanse your skin to get rid of everything from the day and your workout. This can be done at home after you shower! No matter if you have more oily skin or dry skin.. you need to wash your face. 
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Exfoliation - A gentle exfoliation is key for everyone but especially FIT CHICKS. You want to get rid of the dead skin that can clog your pores and cause breakouts and acne. Since you are exercising on a normal or even daily basis - your skin cell turnover is increased but if you don't remove those extra skin cells that have no where else to go but to sit on your skin!!!
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Moisturizer - Moisturizing the skin is essential to keeping it balanced! I recommend something oil free just so that you're not adding any extra oils to your skin. Most fit chicks have oily skin! Don't skip your moisturizer, you will thank me later. Shop my favorite oil free moisturizer here and here!

Lip Balm - Try your best to workout with something on your lips.. even if it's vaseline. It doesn't have to be super glossy or anything but your lips can get dry and cracked and irritated - especially if you are someone who is constantly licking them. I find that keeping them moisturized helps the lips look plump and hydrated and you are less likely to lick them. Shop my favorite lip balm here!

Face Mask - I get the question of "How often should I use a Face Mask?" frequently! My answer is as many times as you remember too! Face mask are an extra boost of treatment for the skin. It is a nice way to pamper you and Your Best Skin. My favorite mask for Fit Chicks is Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask from LUSH! It is amazing... and it is actually an exfoliant and mask in one. Anytime I am in LUSH I grab this mask. It is refreshing and it gives a little boost to your skin. 

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PRO TIP: Keep a Toner in your gym bag and spray/refresh your skin before and/or after your workout. The toner's job is to refresh and balance your skin. When your skin is balanced it is less prone to breakout and have irritation. 
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Thank you so much to my clients who continue to inspire me and give me ideas for blog post! I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Your Skin Therapist,

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