Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm going to tell you, all you need to know about bikini and brazilian waxing... all about what to expect and how to prepare. Forget everything you have read and everything someone has told you - and let's jump right in. 


I know you're probably reading this post because 
A: you have been considering a brazilian wax or B: you have received a wax before and had an awful experience or C: all of the above. No matter why you're here, I am happy you're here. Waxing can be scary especially in a sensitive area such as your vagina! No worries though.. it's not that bad. You will  have smooth hairless skin in no time. 

The more you feel prepared the more relaxing and tolerable your waxing experience will be. Make sure you have a relationship with your skin therapist and that you feel safe! 💙

- Make sure you actually have enough hair to be waxed. I recommend growing your hair out for at least 2 1/2 weeks if you have been shaving in the past. This will ensure that the hair can be removed but isn't too painful.  I always trim my clients hair to make the experience more comfortable. The longer the hair is the more uncomfortable the hair removal will be. 

- Exfoliate with a body scrub to make sure you have the smoothest skin 2 days after your wax appointment is over. You will thank me later for this tip!

- Wearing comfy clothes to you first wax appointment is a MUST! Cotton undies just ensure that sweat and moisture can't cause an irritation or in infection. Better to be safe than sorry!

- If you're planning your wax appointment around vacation.. schedule your appointment at least 1 week before the big day! Sometimes the water when swimming or the ocean and irritate the skin post wax. 


Waxing and Your Menstrual Cycle

You may be wondering, 'Can I get waxed while on my menstrual cycle?'
the answer: Yes! actually you can however, it depends on your Skin Therapist discretion. It is important to practice good hygiene habits! You want to be comfortable and also respectful to your Skin Therapist. I recommend scheduling your waxing the day towards the end of your period when you're not bleeding as much. If you can wear a tampon! 

Also please be informed that the week that you are PMSing (usually the week before your cycle) can cause some extra sensitivity and irritation. Most times I recommend getting waxed the week after your cycle - but of course, it is personal preference. 

Expect to.... 

- Feel some discomfort However, a wax appointment should not be excruciating. If it is, talk to your Skin Therapist. 

- Get undressed from the bottom down, sometimes therapist will give you a robe to change into.

- Often times if you book for a bikini wax you will be provided disposable underwear. 

- Laying in 'butterfly' position is basically laying on your back and bending both legs with your knees out. This is the most common position for a bikini and Brazilian wax. 

- It is okay to have a conversation with your therapist! Ask questions, and be willing to listen. Talking really does help your mind to relax and focus on something else during your wax! Trust me. My clients and I have plenty of conversations.

- It is important to follow your Aftercare Guide! Somethings may include information about swimming, exfoliation, sexual intercourse, working out/sweating, etc. Please follow your aftercare guide closely. Visit my Aftercare post, click here.

Enjoy your fresh wax

Thank you so very much for visiting the blog today! 
Feel free to leave any questions or concerns below.

Your Skin Therapist,

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