Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing Monthly Obsessions in August!

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser - I love this cleanser!! I started using it late July and it's becoming one of my favorite ever.. I love that it foams up and has mint in it. The mint smells amazing! This cleanser is perfect for oily skin - it removes makeup, dirt, debris, all while leaving the skin refreshed by not tight a dry! Shop here

Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel - this is a nice exfoliation system that I use once a week! I use it in place of my toner and I love that it's effective liquid exfoliant. Perfect weekly pick - me up treatment. Shop here.

Glamglow Glowstarter Moisturizer - First off, I LOVE the smell of this moisturizer. It smells like CANDY! So good. I use this moisturizer on top of my current everyday fav which is the Clinique Even Better Moisturizer. So I use this one as a topper. I've been loving it all summer because it provides the skin with the most healthiest glow.. without looking greasy! I get so many compliments on my makeup free skin when I apply this moisturizer. Shop here.

What were your favorite products in the month of August??

Your Skin Therapist,

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