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Today’s blog post is going to answer a frequently asked question:
Can I Minimize My Pores?

The answer: Unfortunately NO! You are born with your pore size and over time as we ‘age’ the pores become more apparent. You know when a baby is born you can’t see any imperfections. They have the smoothest skin - because they are a newborn. As we get age, oil, dirt, debris, and, pollution, start to clog our pores and make them appear bigger and more prominent. So even though we can’t truly make our pores smaller, we can make them look better and seem smaller by keeping them clean and tight.

We can use products to keep our skin clean and seem smooth. It is important to keep the pores really clean in order for them to be unnoticeable. When our pores are filled with oil and dirt, you are able to see them with a naked eye more. The best thing you can do for your pores, is exfoliate to keep dead skin cells from clogging them. 

Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleanser is designed to resurface the skin by cleansing and gently exfoliating at the same time. It contains glycolic and salicylic acids that help to effectively cleanse skin and dissolve makeup. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, damaged skin, and effectively cleansing the pores. I love the peachy clean smell! It lathers well and your skin feels so refreshed after using it. It's one of my favorite cleansers for acne, oil, and mature, skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Peeling Gel is peel gel exfoliate that sloughs off your dead skin cells. The enzymes help to lift dead skin cells to reveal smooth even skin. This gel really helps to cleanse your pores effectively.

Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel is a facial peel with glycolic acid meant to rapidly resurface the skin and reaching the top layers of the skin. This will result in an even, clear skin tone. It has Vitamin C, Licorice Root, and Glycolic Acid to help break up any pigmentation and dark spots.


Facials also help to get minimize the look of pores! Your Skin Therapist will use the necessary products and tools to be able to lift dirt, oil, and grime that gets clogged in our pores and allowing them to look enlarged.

Bottom line: Anything that says Pore Minimizer is false. However, you can use products to cleanse and exfoliate your skin so your pores seem smaller to the naked eye. Keeping your skin clean and free of extra oil and debris also allows other skin care products such as moisturizers and serum to apply better. I recommend these three products above to help with resurfacing the skin and improving overall skin texture.

Please note: you don't have to use all three at once. 

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