Hey friends!!! Welcome back to my blog. Today's post is going to cover all things
  Serums and Moisturizers! It's common to mistake them for one another. So today we're going to talk about both, the difference between them, and why you need both in your skin care routine. 

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What's the Difference?

- Serums are a skin care product of a small molecule that treats certain skin concerns (dark spots, redness, fine lines/wrinkles, acne, etc) by targeting the skin at it's source for repair. It is usually thinner and lighter in consistency. It goes deeper to penetrate not just the surface skin but the layers underneath. You actually apply this BEFORE moisturizer. It is intended to provide very powerful and potent ingredients to the skin to help treat a specific area/concern.

- Moisturizers area a skin care product with one of the largest molecules. They are usually thicker and creamier in consistency.  It is intended to provide hydration to the surface skin. It works to create a seal to keep water from escaping the surface skin.

Today I'm going to share my favorite serum and moisturizer combos. These two effectively target specific skin concerns. When you use both a serum and a moisturizer together you will see your skin results much faster. While some serums have hydrating properties, they can not hydrate your skin as well on it's own. You still need to apply a moisturizer to the skin.

Are serums necessary? Yes, if you have a targeted skin concerns such as, acne, dark spots, fine lines/wrinkles, dehydrated skin, etc. Serums are designed to penetrate all layers of the skin and to help target those concerns for repair. However, if you want to keep your skin care routine simple and don't have stubborn skin care concerns then you don't need to be worried about adding a serum. They are meant to be an added boost to our skin care routine, not to be used alone.


I've been really enjoying the Clinique Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate. This was a skin care favorite last month and I've loved it so much still this month. This concentrate/serum is meant to hydrate your skin by sealing in the water in your skin cells. It works with your moisturizer to help alleviate dry/dehydrated skin. Click here to shop! This serum works really well with the Clinique Moisture Surge in ultimately giving your skin the BIGGEST drink of water. This hydrating moisturizer comes in a gel and a creamy formula to help hydrate and plump the skin.

I also love this Vitamin C combo from Sunday Riley! The C.E.O Vitamin C serum and moisturizer are amazing!! Both creamy in consistency - they help to even out the skin tone, treat dark spots, and help stop premature aging. Shop the serum here, and the moisturizer here.

For Dark Spots and uneven skin tone, I recommend the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector Serum and it's matching moisturizer. I've used both of these products for years and they help to target stubborn, unwanted, dark spots at it's source. The moisturizer has SPF 20 so it's perfect for hydrating, treating, and protecting the skin from the sun all in one. Shop the moisturizer here! Shop the serum here!


Serums and moisturizers can be used together in your skin routine! They both provide hydration properties but your face moisturizer will apply more. Serums penetrate the deep layers of your skin to target repair and moisturizers help to lock hydration from the outer layers of the skin. You don't NEED a serum but you DO NEED a moisturizer. Serums are an added boost, kinda like the cherry on top to your skin care routine. I hope this post was helpful, and will help you decide if you would like to add a serum to your routine.

Thank you so very much for visiting my blog today! Sending you love and light during this Pandemic.

Your Skin Therapist,

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