Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! Thank you so much for visiting today. I wanted to briefly share the importance of self care, especially during this pandemic and self isolation. It is so important to still take care of ourselves during this time of uncertainty. I know it may be difficult but it is important for your health - mental, physical, and spiritual. So today I’m going to share some ideas and some things I have been doing to keep busy and while taking care of my self. 

Self care isn’t Selfish.

1. Continue your skin care routine! Whatever that looks like.. or add some extra steps in self love during this time. Continue to wash your face, exfoliate, moisturize. Maybe add a little face mask in there once or twice a week. Whatever makes you feel good. You will be so thankful to yourself for taking care of yourself. Here is a link to my post all about how to establish a skin care routine.
Click here.

2. Give yourself a body scrub! I know we can’t go out to the stores at this time but most retailers are still allowing you to shop online. I did a full blog post on my favorite body exfoliant. It’s amazing! Give yourself a few extra minutes in the shower to make you feel good and smell good. Here is a link to my post about my fav body scrub. Click here.

3. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. I’m not a huge fan of the press on nails! LOL! They aren’t for me. But a good simple manicure or pedicure can hav you feeling your best.

4. Get dressed! I love my comfy lounge wear! So I’ve been living in my cute matching sets. They are still comfy but allow me to feel put together just a little. Even putting on a little makeup for you FaceTime chats with family and friends can boost your mood.

5. Workout! I’ve actually enjoyed at home workouts. Yoga is my favorite! I’ve been using the Nike Training App. The premium feature is free at this time - so this is the perfect time to try it out. Working out can boost your mood and give you a good sweat.

Last but not least, host a virtual Happy Hour with your friends!! It’s so fun. Grab your glass of wine and chat with your friends.

I hope you found this post helpful! Thank you for stopping by,

Your Skin Therapist,

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