Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m sharing my Monthly Obsessions from the month of April. I love sharing my favs of the month. Since quarantine, my favorites have been a little different because I haven’t been able to tray as many new products. So thank you for still visiting anyway. 

First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Primer - I received a sample in the mail and have enjoyed this primer so much. It’s actually a moisturizing primer so it helps to hydrate and balance the skin. It also smooths and helps diminish the look of pores. I actually like the smell too, which is interesting because I usually dislike coconut but for some reason this primer just works. It really helps my makeup have a beautiful Dewey finish and I love that. Shop here!

Morphe Continuous Setting Spray - I love this setting spray. It is one of my favorites simply because the application is amazing. It feels like a fine mist going on the skin to set makeup and help it last all day. This too smells really good. Shop here!

C.Booth Body Butter - I’ve recently returned to using this body butter to hydrate after my showers. It is very hydrating. I love using it on the soles of my feet. My great aunt gifted it to me and I’ve been reaching for it more lately. The smell on this.... It’s strong. It reminds me of an ‘old Skool’ baby powder smell. I like to put it on after my nightly showers. I think i’ve gotten used the smell. It’s not great but it’s also not horrible. LOL! But of course smells are personal preference. In any respect, I like it and I love how hydrating it is. Shop here


Thank you so very much by stopping by today! 
Please leave your favorite beauty/skin care products of the month below. 

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