Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing my favorite Sun Protection products.
Protecting your skin from the sun is so, very, important to the overall health of your skin. I'm sharing my favorites for the Face AND the Body so I got you covered.... literally! haha. 

Did You Know?

90% of Skin DAMAGE is caused by over exposure to the Sun. 


Protecting your skin from the sun is important all year around, but especially in the warmer months when the sun is around at it's highest and strongest. The Sun's UV/UVB rays penetrate our skin and can cause premature aging, skin damage, dark spots, and even as far as skin cancer. 

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor - the number that appears on your sunscreen lets you know how long you can wear your sun protection before required to reapply! For example, a product with SPF 50 would mean that after 50 minutes of sun exposure it is best to reapply. 
My rule of thumb is to apply sun screen at least every 2 hrs to be safe! 

Face and Body sun protection is important. It is recommended to start applying sunscreen as soon as 6 months of age!! So that's right.. babies need it too. Sun damage can start super early but not show signs of it until well into our adult years. In fact, most of us get all of our sun damage before the age of 20! Moreover, you want to be sure to apply your sun protection 15-30mins BEFORE getting into the pool or going outside. This gives it time to absorb into the skin for maximum protection..

Did You Know?

You also need sunscreen even if you're staying INSIDE..... WHAT??? Yes you read that right. The Sun's rays are strong enough that they can penetrate through your glass windows and still cause damage.

It is important to look for a sunscreen that is broad spectrum meaning that it protects your skin from both UVA and UVB Rays. UVA Rays penetrate the deep layers (dermis) of our skin causing signs of agings such as, fine lines/wrinkles and even skin cancers. The UVB Rays damage the outer layers of our skin (epidermis) and can cause sun spots, dark spots, dullness, and this is where we feel
'sun burn'. 

You also need sun protection for the LIPS! Especially if you're doing outdoor activities such as: vacation in a warm climate, yard work, pool, playground, amusement parks, etc. 



Supergoop Play 50:  This spf is one of my favorites and I use it daily! You can use it on your face + body. It's hydrating, blends easily, fast absorbing, and non greasy. It also wears beautifully under makeup. 
I enjoy most of Supergroup's sunscreens. 

Black Girl Sunscreen 30: This spf is specifically designed for skin of color! It leave no white cast and is made with jojoba + avocado oils to hydrate the skin. 

Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 30: This is a lightweight, anti-aging sun protection for the face. I love it because it has so many benefits for the skin along with protection. It hydrates, calms, and nourishes the skin all while protecting from the SUN. It is oil-free, fragrance free, and packed with Vitamins (A,B,&E) to help fight against aging. 


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist 45: I love this sun screen because it's a body mist! It's so easy to apply and reapply all day. It leaves a beautiful GLOWY sheen on the skin but not sticky in any way. Also, I learned from YouTube  that this is the SPF, JLO's makeup artist uses on her!!!

Clinique SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Body: This is a mineral sunscreen that is formulated for sensitive skin and those with Eczema. Those with eczema have an extra sensitivity to the sun. Sun protection is very important. This one doesn't contain any chemicals than can cause irritation. It glides on and blends in so well and doesn't leave a white reside on darker skin tones like most sun screens on the market do. Shop here.

Supergroup Glow Oil 50: I love applying the spf oil at the pool! It gives the skin the most beautiful glow which makes it so easy to have the desire to reapply it through the day! I usually put on my spf all over my body before leaving the house and then apply this oil over top! It makes the skin look hydrated, healthy, and glowy all while protecting the skin. 

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Key pieces:

- Sun Protection is important all year around and even indoors.
- Face and Body sun protection are equally necessary
- It is important to remember to reapply sun protection at least every 2hrs. 

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Thank you so very much for viewing my blog today! I hope it was helpful. If you have any more questions, concerns, suggestions for future post please feel free to leave a comment or contact me through my socials: @aleithiawilbert

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