Hey friends welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing an Anti-Aging Skin HACK!
Ice Rolling is at home skin care treatment that has amazing anti-aging benefits to the skin. It's simple, inexpensive, relaxing, and provides the perfect few moments of self care. 


What is a Ice Roller? It is a simple facial tool that contains water and gel, when applied to the skin (cold) it boost skin circulation, reduces puffiness, helps with skin cell turnover, refines pore size, reduces inflammation, and tightens the skin.

Who Needs It? Everyone! This facial product can be used by anyone who wants to provide extra treatment and self care. You can apply the Ice Roller anytime you want. I prefer to do it BOTH morning and night. In the morning, to help reduce puffiness in my skin and at night after I apply my facial serums. 
 This would also be so helpful to anyone who experiences seasonal allergies and it helps to relieve sinus pressure. Also it helps with migraines. I love using it when I have a migraine across the temples. 

Why Is It So Amazing? The cooling sensation from the ice helps to constrict blood vessels, encourage healing and firmness in the skin. It helps to refine sagging pores, and aids in lymphatic drainage so your skin can look smooth, glowy, and even. 

The best part about Ice Rolling is that it is an  amazing, inexpensive, at-home skin care treatment. 

How Do You Use It? Start at the middle of your forehead and temples and move down to cheeks and jawline. It is important to try to go from top to bottom or counter clockwise to help with lymphatic drainage and getting rid of toxins in the skin. 

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