Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing my skin care essentials during pregnancy. When I was pregnant I took a break from blogging and I didn't get to share everything I was using during pregnancy but since then I have a few pregnant friends and so I'm ready to share everything today. 

If you're expecting right now - CONGRATULATIONS! What a blessing. I'm wishing you a beautiful pregnancy, safe delivery, and healthy baby. Pregnancy was such a beautiful time for me. My skin was the most perfect! haha. 


There are a lot of hormones surging through a women's body during pregnancy and after as well but today we're gonna just focus on during pregnancy. 

Sun protection: Protecting your skin from the sun is so very important all the time but especially when you're pregnant. Due to the increase of hormones, sun exposure can actually lead to a skin condition called Melasma. Melasma is basically pigmentation on the skin that can be in the shape of a mask across the face. It can look like a 'stain' like if you were to leave too a shadow of dark makeup on the face. It common on the bridge of the nose, forehead, and cheek area. 

It is very important to protect the skin from the sun when pregnant. This includes your face and chest, especially if you are pregnant in the SUMMER season. I suggest keeping the sun screen with you in your purse so that you can re apply and avoid long sun exposure. When I was pregnant I would apply sun screen under makeup and over makeup, as well as keeping a body sunscreen with me to reapply. 

I have a recent blog post, sharing my sun protection favorites. You can view it here!

Acne: Sometimes, especially in the first trimester we can experience Pregnancy induced acne due to the fluctuating of hormones. There are some ingredients that we are advised not to use when we're pregnant like salicylic acid. To treat acne, I suggest using benzoyl peroxide - it is safe for pregnant women. I also recommend to cleanse the skin thoroughly but be careful not to strip the skin of it's natural oils. This an actually lead to more acne. When we are pregnant our skin can be more sensitive so it's best to keep your skin care routine - SIMPLE! 

Also talk to your doctor to see what would be the best options for skin care if you feel your acne is severe. 


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser - This is one of the best gentle cleansers I have tried. I love it. It melts away: dirt, debris, and makeup. shop here. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil - Add water to dilute this tea tree essential oil. This is perfect to help calm breakouts and treat redness. shop here.  

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner - one of my favorite gentle toners! It is alcohol free so you don't have to worry about that tingly feeling. It helps to hydrate the skin as well as get rid of any dead skin cells.  shop here.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - This benzoyl perioxde acne treatment is just perfect! I love it so much. I discovered it after pregnancy but after doing research I found out that it is safe for pregnancy. I wish I knew about it then. It is perfect for treating breakouts without irritation. shop here. 

Try to avoid picking, squeezing, or scratching your breakouts. This can lead to scarring! Also try to treat your self relaxation and apply face mask and increase water intake. 

Here are some of my favorite moisturizers during pregnancy:

Clinique Even Better SPF 20 - shop here. 

Fresh Vitamin C Glow Moisturizer - shop here.

Stretch Marks: Stretch marks are the most common concern while pregnant. Let me tell you a secret; READY? - Stretch marks are all about skin cell elasticity and genetics. There is nothing you can do to avoid them or increase your chances of getting them. However, you can make them look better once they arrive. Keeping the skin hydrated, promotes overall health and the look of the skin. It's best to start treating your skin for stretch marks the moment you find out your pregnant.. don't wait until you start showing. During pregnancy the hormones relax the skin cells so you are more prone to get stretch marks. Some women get them, some don't. You worth is not measure by stretch marks. 

My favorite oils during pregnancy:

Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil - this was my favorite oil during pregnancy!! (I'm still using it now) I would slather this all over my body after the shower. It's good for the face too! It is 100% organic and helps to fight dry patches, fine lines/wrinkles, and helps to fade scarring. shop here.  

Bio Oil - Bio Oil is pretty popular. It was designed to help treat scarring. It contains Vitamin A and E to help repair the skin and even out the skin tone. You can also use this one the face! shop here. 

Try not to be too hard on yourself during pregnancy. This is such a beautiful time.. It can be difficult and is easier said than done but your body is creating and hosting life. Be gentle with yourself and have grace. You're doing an amazing job.


Key Pieces:

- Avoid products with Salicylic Acid
- Use gentle cleansers
- Treat your skin for stretch marks as soon as you find out about your pregnancy.

Thank you so very much for visiting today!

Your Skin Therapist,

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  1. Felt like I was getting a facial every month when I was pregnant. You took such good care of my skin. Like always.