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Today I'm sharing everything I know about Vajacials.. and why you SHOULDN'T get one.  Before you read any further, I want to let all my readers know that this is my professional opinion from what I have learned. 

So I'm just going to say it right here, right now.. Skip the Vajacial and just exfoliate yourself. Our vaginal area has a certain pH level and getting a vajacial service can disrupt the natural pH level and can cause irritation and even infection. Fun Fact: Our vaginas pH level is also custom and can change over time. If i'm going to be honest a lot of body cleansers aren't tailored to the natural pH level on the vagina - this is why most professional recommend unscented cleansers. So the same can be said about 'mask(s), cleanser(s), steam and other products that are applied to that area during the service. 

 A vajacial service is usually performed around the bikini area and the top of the vagina including the pubic hair. Moreoever, it is usually performed POST hair removal service. This is not good because the skin has already been exfoliated and over exfoliation can cause even more irritation. 

Exfoliate yourself.

 Here are some products that are safe to exfoliate the skin around your vaginal area. 

1. Exfoliation mitts,  these can be used all over the body but especially in the vaginal area because it will be a safe, quick, but effective way to exfoliate the bikini area. I love these mits because they are reusable and I can give myself a quick exfoliation in the shower. Just wet the mit and rub in upward motions. 

2. Okay I love the Scrubee from Lush! I can't recommend it enough. It is made of honey. cocoa, shea butter, and ground almonds. It is hand held and can be rubbed all over the body in circular motions. I love that it gently exfoliates the skin and also moisturizes and nourishes the skin too. 

3. The Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is awesome because it is brown sugar based which is so nourishing to the skin. You can also make your own brown sugar scrub.. grab some brown sugar and a little lemon juice and exfoliate the skin. 

These three products and a host of others are great to exfoliate your body and vaginal area. I always recommend to use these products in the shower to prep the skin in the best way.


As a professional skin therapist/esthetician of 5+ years I don't think it's in my client's best interest to perform a vajacial service. However, I will always try my best to maintain the skin of the vaginal area to the best of my ability and the scope of my practice. I always prep the skin before hair removal service, and take care of the skin post hair removal. I can perform extractions and treat ingrown hairs when needed. 

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