Let's Talk Face Oils | Do I need them?

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Hey friends!! Welcome back to my blog. Today we're talking about Face Oils on the blog today. 

Face oils help to nourish, plump the skin, hydrate, prevent / treat fine lines and wrinkles, while penetrating deep layers in the skin. Sometimes these oils also contain antioxidants like vitamin C, etc, to help promote skin cell turnover, and decrease inflammation in the skin. 

Can I use a facial oil if you have oily skin?

Actually YES! In most cases, the right face oil can help to decrease oil production. This is because it helps to keep the skin balanced and healthy. I recommend to apply face oils at night if you have oily skin.  Facial oils can be used by every skin type and can help with anti-aging and provide glowy skin.

Pro Tip: apply a couple drops of facial oil to your liquid foundation for a dewy, healthy, look.  


The Bioelements Dewluxe facial oil is my new favorite face oil because... of course, it smells amazing to me. I love essential oils in my facial products because it reminds me of a luxurious, spa, like feeling right in my bathroom. I know my clients love that too. It's hydrating with argan oil and squalane which actually mimics are own sebum (oil) which is perfect for penetrating the dermis part of our skin.  

It keeps the skin hydrating, dewy, healthy, and protected. 

Facial oils are typically applied after moisturizer because the molecules larger and they are what you call,  lipophilic, which means it is meant to work better into our skin. It dissolves into our fat skin cells. They also help to seal in the moisture in our skin. 

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