Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m sharing how I weaned Skye from breastfeeding in one week! First things first, thank you for being here. I’m so excited to share all things motherhood, the beauty of it, peaks and pits, and everything in between. Please take everything I’m sharing with a grain of salt - know that YOU are the best mama and know what is best for you and your baby. 

Okay enough rambling. At 22 months, I was finally ready to wean Skye from breastfeeding. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has been one of the most special times in my life. Bonding with Skye during this time for this long, in this way, has truly been a blessing. But, I knew that this season of babyhood needed to come to an end. It really started with my little weekend getaway trip with my best friend in the beginning of June. I was so nervous to be away from Skye, seeing as though this was going to be my first time. But I also knew that I needed and deserved a break and some ‘me - time’. Since about 18 months or even a little before Skye only wanted to nurse when I was home and I started to feel touched out and breastfeeding started to become more draining then enjoyable.  She also started ‘snacking’ with breastfeeding. So it was a constant, on and off my boob. When I wasn’t home she was completely fine with whom ever was watching her and would stay hydrated with juice, water, etc. 

I was away from Skye for 3 1/2 days and I was committed to following Skye’s lead and not trying to cut her off cold turkey. So I kept up with pumping once a day while on vacation. Thursday night, I breastfed Skye before sleep and I left Friday morning. I left some pumped breast milk to be mixed with oat milk while I was away for her to have in the morning. The morning is when Skye would want breastmilk the most. While on my trip, I pumped milk with the Hakka silicone breast pump every morning for about 10 minutes total so that I wouldn’t become engorged or in any pain. Annndd that was that! haha. 

Skye did great. She drank the oat milk and was such a good, HAPPY girl. When I returned home she instantly wanted breastmilk again- which I was fine with at the time. But I also realized that she did so well without me home so I instantly thought maybe it was time to be done with breastfeeding all together and I thought now would be a good time since she just proved to me and herself that she was fine without it for almost 4 days.  For Skye, I knew she was still nursing out of comfort ad wanting to be close to me so I still try to offer that to her even though I was discouraging actively breastfeeding.

Day 1: I started dropping the day feedings/snacking. When Skye would come over and ask for to nurse, I would tell her ‘milkie is all gone’ but mama can still play with you and cuddle you. I would proceed to give her my undivided attention and turn her attention to something else. I continued to do this each time she would ask. I only nursed her morning and night this day. 

Day 2: I did the exact same thing on Day 1.

Day 3: Skye was exhausted this night. I attempted to nurse her like normal for her night feeding, but she was already nodding off to sleep sooo I didn’t nurse her that night and just put her down to sleep like normal. She slept the whole night. 

Day 4: Because Skye went to sleep fine the previous night without nursing. This night, I told her that, ‘milkie was all gone’ but mama would still rock her to sleep. I repeated words of affirmation and told her how I was so proud of her. That day, she only nursed once in the morning. 

Day 5. I followed the same pattern. I continued to discourage the day feedings and the night feeding as well. Again, she only nursed that morning. 

Day 6: Skye woke up and immediately wanted to play and have a yogurt. Usually she ask to nurse for thing in the morning - even before getting her diaper changed. But today she seemed content without breastfeeding in the morning. So I didn’t! OMG.. I couldn’t believe it. So this day she didn’t nurse AT ALL. Every night since dropping the night feeding she does have ‘big feelings’ and get upset right before I rock her to sleep. But I repeat the same things, about how proud I am of her that I love her and that mama will be here to rock her to sleep forever. :) 

Day 7: First full day of intential no feeding sessions at all. Skye asked to breastfeed twice this day and I discouraged it and got her attention on something else. It worked well.  I had been really intentional on spending quality time with her playing, teaching her new things, and cuddling. So day 5 was her last day nursing at all. 


That’s it.. it’s been 4 days post the week of weaning. Skye has not breastfed at all since 6/25/21 that morning. I can’t believe it. I am so proud of us. Breastfeeding has been a big part of my (our) daily routine since the moment she was born on 8/12/19 -  22 1/2 months of exclusively breastfeeding. I am so emotional, so proud, and so content. I feel like I’ve done my ‘job’ as a mom at this time,  Haha as cliche as that sounds. I am ready to move on to the next chapter of toddlerhood. In so many ways, this closes the chapter of babyhood for me. Now it’s time for potty training and terrific twos! Haha. 


One key piece that I think that helped both of us is, that I was still super involved in our normal routine. Still present and playing with Skye and showing her that even though she isn’t get breast milk that she still gets my attention, love, and cuddles as much as she wanted. Key piece number 2 is that I made sure to stand up a lot and not to avoid the nursing position or the nursing chair.  I also avoided her seeing my boobs unclothed haha. Key piece number 3, is to stay consistent. Do not revert back..  once I decided to drop a feeding - it was dropped. I did not offer that feeding and discouraged it anytime Skye would ask. Consistency is key and I think it really helped each day get better and why it went so quickly. 

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading this far. Please leave me any questions that you may have below.


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