Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m sharing my Summer Essentials for BABY!

 Skye and I have spent a lot of pool time this past week so I just wanted to share some things that have made life easier for pool days. 

Think Baby Sunscreen 50 - I have done tons of research and this sunscreen is one of the best. It is non toxic, pediatrician recommended, dermatologist tested, and great for protecting babies skin. It is a little thick in consistency so I use a pea size amount at a time and warm it up between my palms really well before applying it to Skye. It smells pleasant as well so that’s a plus. A lot of baby sunscreen have unwanted / unnecessary ingredients but not this one. I found mine on Amazon - shop here

Sun Bucket Hats - I found these on Amazon as well and I love them. They have tons of colors, contains SPF 50+ and perfect for protecting babies for the sun. It must be comfy because Skye has not problem keeping it on. Very easy to wash and wipe off  as well. Shop here

Pool shoes -  Skye mostly stays in the shallow end of the pool where she can walk and feels more comfortable. So I love putting pool shoes on her so she can have good balance and keep her feet safe. They come tons of colors/prints. Shop here. 

Floating ‘bath’ toys aka pool toys: These toys are for the bath but I learned that they aren’t safe for everyday play but perfect for the pool every now and again. Skye and her buddies loved them. Shop here. These pouring bucket cups were also a hit. Shop here.  

I purchase most of Skye’s swimsuits from Carter’s / Oshkosh Bagosh/ or Target. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Happy Summer time.


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