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Today I’m sharing why I encourage you to wear SPF even in cloudy weather.

The suns UV/UVB rays still penetrate our skin through the clouds, even when it’s not ‘sunny’ outside. This can cause damage to the skin leading to unwanted skin concerns and even skin cancer. You need to protect your skin all year around. Here are a list of some of my favorite products.

Supergoop Glow Oil - this body oil has SPF 50 so it protects the skin why while providing a beautiful GLOW. I love body oils so the fact that this one has sun protection is a plus. It smells good and has great hydration. Shop here.

Super Goop Glow Screen - this is a facial sunscreen that has SPF 40. It protects the skin and provides a pearlescent glow to the skin Shop here.

Super Goop Unseen Sunscreen - This oil free, facial sunscreen is perfect because it’s transparent. You can’t see it when you apply it to the skin and makes a great primer for makeup as well. Shop here

To by honest, I love all the sun protection products from Supergoop!

I hope you can remember sun protection all year around. Check out my previous blog post about SPF and the importance of it here


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