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Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. 

Today I'm sharing why it's important to add the Pre Cleanse step in your skin care routine!

What is Pre Cleanse? Pre Cleansing the skin is the act of removing surface dirt/debris and makeup before using your facial cleanser in your skin care routine. It helps to make cleansing your skin more effective and gets rid of dead skin cells and dirt that may be usually missed. This ensures that your skin is squeaky clean and ready for the rest of your skin care products. 

Our skin holds excess oil, dirt, debris, makeup, sunscreen, and environmental pollutants and residue from products that can clog our pores and cause further damage to our skin. Pre Cleansing helps to break down all of these things, so that then our actual facial cleanser can work effectively.

Here are some of my favorite Pre Cleanse products:

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse: This was one of the first pre cleanse products I ever used. It effectively helps to break down oil and makeup. Shop here. 

Elemis Cleansing Balm: My current favorite! I love the aroma. It pre cleanses the skin while balancing. The skin feels comfortable and ready for the next steps in any skin care routine. Shop here. 

Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil: Perfect for sensitive skin and can be used as a cleanser as well. I use this one in my professional facials at work. Shop here. 

Key Pieces:

Pre Cleanse helps to prep the skin for a more effective cleanse. 

It is a step that can be included in every skin routine, and for every skin type. 

This step dissolves makeup, debris, and dirt.. so none is left behind. 

Did you know that Pre Cleansing the skin is a step to include in your routine?

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