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Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! Thanks for visiting. Fall is coming and you know what that means.. it's about to be Chemical Peel Season!!! It's so nice to get chemical peels in the cooler months and shed that summer dead skin. Continue reading to find out more and how to book...

What is a Chemical Peel anyway?? this is a professional skin care treatment that exfoliates the top layers of the skin with chemical solutions. These include alpha hydroxy acids (aha), beta hydroxy acids (bha), etc. This service treats dark spots, acne scarring, fine lines/wrinkles, dullness, and other skin concerns by removing the outermost layer of skin in a controlled way so that it improves skin texture and clarity. The dead skin cells 'peel' off and renewed, regenerated skin is revealed. 

At Your Best Skin, I use Bioelements skin care products and perform two different types of chemical peels. There is absolutely NO downtime with any of these peels. You don't have to worry about hiding after or about extreme peeling/flaky skin. 

 All peels require a skin consultation with me before scheduling. 

Powerful Surface Lactic Acid Peel - This introductory, potent, but gentle lactic acid peel helps to treat acne prone skin, surface wrinkles, and dark spots. Your skin will appear clearer and brighter with zero downtime. 

Ultra Detox Chemical Peel - Reveal beautiful skin with a powerful, non-surgical, acid peel at Level 1 or 2. You will not see any severe redness, flakiness, or actual peeling in this non traditional peel, BUT you will see beautiful, smooth, glowing skin. This treatment also helps to detoxify the skin and draw out impurities. 

Who should schedule a Chemical Peel? Chemical peels at Your Best Skin are for every skin type except for extremely sensitive skin. Please book a consultation. This treatment helps to maintain overall skin health by exfoliating dead skin cells, treating premature aging, dark spots, and acne scarring. 

Book your consultation now. As your Skin Therapist, I will help decide together which peel is right for you. All of my skin care services are custom to you and your skin on the day of your visit. Therefore if we choose a series of treatments, the peel service can be the same/different each time. This is best for you and Your Best Skin. 

How much are Chemical Peels? At Your Best Skin, the Powerful Surface Lactic Peel is $100. The Ultra Detox Chemical Peel is $115. 

Will I experience discomfort? No. There may be mild tingling or a warm sensation but it last minutes and is usually gone after the service is over. 

Will my skin 'purge'? In most cases, no. However, if you have not been taking good care of your skin than sometimes the chemical peels can detoxify the skin in a way that causes it to purge. This is why it's best to book your consultation, because in some cases it's best to treat the skin with another service. 

What is the aftercare? I will recommend the best Bioelements skin care products for your skin at home. Sunscreen is imperative everyday but especially after a chemical peel treatment. 

Book Now. 

If you have any more concerns or questions please reach out to me here in the comments or on Instagram: @yourbestskinbyaleithia

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