Skin Care Treatment Areas You NEVER Want to Forget.

by Aleithia :), September 20, 2021


Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today I'm sharing some skin care treatment areas you NEVER want to forget. Thank you for stopping by. 

When applying your skin care products, it is important not to forget these areas because they can start showing signs of premature aging.

Forehead - this area can start to show signs of dehydrated/dry skin if untreated. Be sure to keep this area clean from shampoos/conditioners, and oils. Massage products in an upward motion to prevent the 11 lines and adding retinol to your routine in this area will sure help fine lines/wrinkles.

Under eyes - this area is usually the first sign of aging and you can start to develop 'crows feet'. Use an eye cream that is best suited for your skin and eye area to help with dry skin. The eye area is the most thinnest skin on our face and has many more blood vessels so it very easy for them to look dry, puffy, and dark. Ice rollers help to depuff and calm the eye area. Shop here for my favorite one. 

Neck and Chest - No one wants beautiful, glowy, skin on their face and a dry, AGING, neck and chest area. It is important to bring all skin care products down to the neck and chest, including cleansers, serums, moisturizers, etc. 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! 


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