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in , by Aleithia :), December 03, 2021


Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! I'm sharing some of my favorite sunscreens from the brand Supergoop. Supergoop is an amazing brand that makes great skin protection products for face + body. 

Glow Screen 40 - I prefer to use the Glow Screen without makeup. It gives a pearlescent glow to the skin while hydrating and protecting. I love that it provides a glow without looking too shiny. It just enhances the skin. Shop here.

Unseen Sunscreen 40 - This is my go- to, everyday sunscreen. It's matte and transparent so it's easy to wear alone and under makeup. It can also double as a makeup primer! It glides on smooth and so easy reapply. Shop here. 

I have many sunscreens in my skin care collection but I'm always grabbing for these. They even have mini sizes for travel. 

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