Brrrr Winter Skincare Warriors | 2022

by Aleithia :), January 31, 2022

Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. In today’s post I am sharing some of my favorite skin care products to use in the Winter. I have so many favorites, I decided to break this up into TWO parts. In Cleveland, Ohio the winter season is harsh and drying to our skin, hair, and nails. Thanks for stopping by..let me know if you have tried any of my favorites for yourself. 

When it comes to dry skin.. It is very important to exfoliate dead skin cells away and then hydrate the healthy skin cells. 

Bioelements Really Rich Moisture: I love this moisturizer so much for dry skin. A little goes a long way - it hydrates with avocado oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil. My skin feels hydrated all day without a greasy feel. Shop here.

Bioelements Dewluxe: This is one of my favorite skin care oils. First off, it smells amazing.. it’s like bringing the Spa to your home. It seals moisture in the skin with argon oil and mimics our skin’s natural sebum (oil) production. Shop here.

Fresh Deep Hydration Facial Toner: This toner is perfect for dry and even sensitive skin! This alcohol free toner hydrates with hyaluronic acid and allows your moisturizer to work more effective. Shop here

Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask: I have used this lip mask forever now and I love it. It hydrates the lips so well at night. There are tons of scents to choose from! I apply this every night in the winter season. Shop here.

Lush Scrubee: I’m going to share more of my favorite BODY products but this one has been my cult favorite for so long. This body scrub is perfect because it is hand held and contains very little mess!!! Smells so good too. It makes it so easy to get your whole body exfoliated of dead skin cells. It contains ground almonds, shea butter, and honey. It provides moisture to the skin as well. It’s perfect!!! It sells out all the time - Shop here

That’s all for Part ONE! 

Your Skin Therapist,

Aleithia Wilbert


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