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‘How to Layer Skincare Products’. Layering your skin care products, simply means the order that your apply your skincare products. This is important for maximum product absorption and effectiveness. 

Pre Cleanse: this step removes makeup, sunscreen, and dirt and preps the skin for the facial cleanser. Read more about Pre Cleanse here

Cleanse: this step actually removes dirt and debris so your face can be clean and ready for rest of your skin care routine.

Tone: this step balances the skin’s pH level, refines pores, and allows for all other products to work effectively. Read more about toner here

Exfoliant: this step gets rid of dead skin cells that can cause acne, black heads, etc. It can also even out the skin tone, improve texture, and a host of other things. 

Treatment: this step is to target your skin concerns for ex: dark spots/uneven skin tone, fine lines/wrinkles, redness, dryness, etc.

Eye cream: this step is to target the skin around your eyes and usually is formulated to hydrate or firm the eye area. 

Moisturizer: this step hydrates the skin and seals water to the surface skin as well as all the previous skin care products you’ve applied. 

If day time: Sunscreen should be your last step to be sure you are protecting your skin from damage from the sun. 

Following this general steps of layering your skin care products will give your the best product absorption and best results when treating Your Best Skin..

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