Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m picking up talking about Dry skin but this time on the body. I’m featuring LUSH in today’s post because I have been so obsessed with using these products and they have been my go to during this winter season. I wanted to make sure I shared them with you before the winter season comes to an end. 

I love LUSH because everything is hand made with fresh ingredients! So let’s get to my favorites. 

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Shop the body scrub here and read my previous blog post here 

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When it comes to treating dry skin on the body - it is best to exfoliate. In my routine, I exfoliate twice a week. Once with dry brushing (read more about that here) and the other day with an exfoliant scrub, such as Rub Rub Rub. This helps to decrease the build up skin cells and allows the moisturizer to hydrate the healthy skin cells. Charity Pot has been my favorite for years! It’s hydrating, a little goes a long way and leaves the skin feeling hydrated for long periods of time. 

PRO TIP: apply moisturizer on damp skin. This helps with product absorption. 

Don’t forget lip scrub! The lips need hydration as well. I love mint juleps because it smells good and taste good too. I try to use this lip scrub weekly. 

Key pieces:

Exfoliation is key! Be consistent with exfoliating the dead skin cells off. 

Apply moisturizer on damp skin.

Don’t forget to use lip scrub too!

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