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 Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today’s Skin Tip is ‘No to Bar Soap’ 

I don’t recommend using bar soap on the face! Aside from the germs that can sit on bar soap… UGH! Most bar soaps have a higher pH level than our face that often strips the moisture barrier in our skin and causes damage to the skin, irritation, and sensitivity. 

I recommend liquid facial cleansers that are tailored to your skin concerns as well as using a pre cleanse. Pre cleanse preps your skin for cleanser and removes dirt and debris in a gentle way. Read more about Pre Cleanse here

Here are some of my favorite cleansers:

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Cleanser: This is my current cleanser and has been one of my favorites. It contains fruit enzymes that help to gently exfoliate the skin, even out the skin tone, and refine pores. This is best for most skin types, except sensitive.

Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser: I love that this cleanser foams up but doesn’t strip or irritate the skin. This is best for combination and oily skin types. Shop here

Bioelements Mositure Positive Cleanser: This creamy cleanser is best for dry skin! It cleanses dry skin and adds  nice comforting hydration as well. Shop here. 

Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Gel this cleanser has glycolic and salicylic acid that resurface the skin, aid in evening out the skin tone, and brightens skin. This cleanser is for all skin types. 

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser is one of my favorites for sensitive skin. This cleanser gently cleanses leaving it comfortable and irrational free. I use this one a lot when my eczema flares up. 

I know there are some bar soaps that say they are safe for the face and body. I do not recommend them because there is no way a cleanser can be safe for the FACE and BODY! The pH levels don’t match and can lead to over drying the skin. I recommend using a liquid facial cleanser. 

Shop my favorites here on my LTK! 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! 

Have the best weekend. 

Your Skin Therapist, 

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