Supergroop Haul!

in , by Aleithia :), June 12, 2022


Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today I'm sharing a Supergroup Haul! I just love Supergroup.. all their sun protection products that I have tried have been amazing. 

First the Glow Screen Body - I LOVE IT!!!! It protects the skin and adds this beautiful glow to the body. It last all day and makes the skin look amazing. My new pool favorite. I haven wore this for some date nights out.. looks amazing on the chest area. 

The Glow Stick - is awesome for applying to my cheekbones and clavical area. It provides a beautiful glow and it's so easy to use and travel with. I usually wear this on my 'no makeup' days just to keep the stick clean but I definitely love this. 

The Resetting Powder - so this is meant to be touch up powder content SPF to make reapplying sunscreen per your makeup much easier. I'm still getting the hang of it.. hahaha.. I'll keep you posted. So far, I'm not a fan of the white cast it leaves but I could just be applying to much. 

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