Skin Tip | Toss Out Expired Skincare Products.

in , by Aleithia :), October 17, 2022

Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today's Skin Tip is to Toss Out Expired Skincare Products. 

Did you know skin care products expire? Skincare products come with an expiration date. Usually skin / makeup products will contain a symbol on the back of the product stating when it will expire after opening it. I recommend getting a marker and marking the day it becomes open so it is easier to keep track. 

POA or Period After Opening is a symbol on the back of all skin care products. You can safely use this products during the months that is stated. The 'M' stands for Months. 

Using expired skincare products / makeup can contain harmful bacteria that can  cause skin irritation, and unwanted skin concerns. The active ingredient(s) in the skin care products can also be proven to be ineffective. 

Go through your makeup and skin care and toss what has already expired!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Leave me any questions. 


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