Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. I had a recent request to discuss all things wax during pregnancy and post partum. So let’s go! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. 

Brazilian Wax during Pregnancy

At Your Best Skin, I do not service first time clients for a Brazilian wax! I like to have a steady report with my clients before I am personally comfortable. Every Esthetician is different, so they may perform the service. However, if you are a current client of mine which means you have received a Brazilian / bikini wax before than I gladly service. Always seek a medical professional for any serious questions about getting waxed during pregnancy. It should NOT be excruciating. 

First Trimester: You can expect the same way you did pre pregnancy in your first trimester. 

Second Trimester:  Once the uterus starts to migrate up then things my feel more uncomfortable - this is usually during your second trimester. You may also have to start laying on side, so you and the baby stay as comfortable as possible. Waxing is usually quick enough where it is safe to lay on your back. But, if you have any concerns.. talk to your doctor + skin therapist to ensure that you and the baby are safe and comfortable.

Third trimester: At this point, belly is big and it’s uncomfortable to lay on your back at all.. so the side position usually works best. Most of my clients opt to getting what I call a ‘French Wax’ most of the hair is gone and we trim. Whatever they can tolerate for the length of time, is what I do. 

In all, brazilian wax is usually safe for pregnant women… especially if you have been receiving this service prior to pregnancy. 

Brazilian Wax during Postpartum!

Now that the baby has been born, you may be anxious to get your first wax. I recommend to wait at least 6 weeks or whenever you doctor clears you. Be sure to let your doctor know that you are interested in resuming regular Brazilian wax services. 

At the 6-8 week mark you will most likely be the most comfortable or whenever your doctor clears you for exercise. It may vary if you have cesarean section. Be mindful, the first few months of postpartum things may still be a little sensitive in the vaginal area. Pop some ibuprofen before your appointment if it’s okay with your doctor. 

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