Current Lip Obsession

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Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today I'm sharing my current lip obsession. I have worn some type of variation of a pinky nude lip for over a year now and I just love it. It compliments my skin tone and the pink color in my hair so much. 

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I love Chestnut lip liner. I think it's one of the best brown lip liners and compliments many skin tones especially medium to deep skin tones. Cork is another favorite from MAC, it's a little more warm tone but Chestnut is a little color and more rich in color. It's my favorite. 

MAC Teddy 2.0 is a replacement lipstick for my DOE which has been discontinued. I loved that lipstick to a nub!! Haha. I still have a little but I wanted to find something similar before I completely ran out and Teddy 2.0 is similar in color. It is a Powder Kiss lipstick so in my opinion, gloss is required. It a subtle nude pink. 

MAC Two Plumps up is my favorite clear pink gloss! It's always sold out so be sure to grab two if you can. It is so gooood. The Powerglass lip glosses are so glossy and they add that plumping effect as well. I love most of the colors in this line of lip gloss. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Have you tried any of these shades?


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