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Oily skin is characterized as skin that has visible or enlarged pores, 'shiny' in appearance, blackheads, and breakouts. 

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When treating oily skin it is important to cleanse it daily, use a week exfoliant, and an oil free moisturizer. 

The skin is producing more oil than needed so often times, those with oily skin will skip moisturizer. This a BIG, BIG, mistake. It is best to use an oil free moisturizer. This way you can keep the skin balanced and healthy. If you skip moisturizer, your skin will actually make MORE oil and it can lead to even more breakouts / congestion. There is no need to try to 'dry out the skin' with tons of different scrubs and products containing isopropyl alcohol. This will lead to over drying and damaging the skin. Our skin NEEDS moisture no matter the skin type.

Understanding Oily Skin in the Winter:

The cold + dry winter months can strip the skin of it’s natural oil causing the sebaceous glands to be kicked into over drive and produce MORE oil. Skin care products with Niacinimide are great for control oil products in the skin. It’s also important to gently exfoliate the skin once a week but you don’t want to over exfoliate because this can do more harm then good. 

Products for Oily Skin:

Cleanser: Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser is one of my favorites for oily skin because it will cleanse the skin without stripping. 

Toner: Bioelements Equalizer Toner - This refreshing toner helps to keep the skin balanced. 

Exfoliant: Paula’s Choice BHA Exfoliant - this liquid exfoliant is perfect for oily skin because it will help to refine the texture of the skin without stripping it as well as refining pores and aiding with keeping breakouts at bay. 

Moisturizer: Bioelements Beyond Hydration is a lightweight, oily free moisturizer perfect for oily skin. 


Often times with oily skin comes break outs and these breakouts can lead to scarring and unwanted pigmentation. Check out my blog post all about dark spots and the products I recommend to treat them, here

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