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Moisturizer vs Oil for your face - how to include both in your skincare routine..

You may have hard that moisturizer is essential in your skincare routine but now face oils have come into the conversation and now you maybe confused - do you need both or one or the other???

Understanding Moisturizer: 

Moisturizer aids in hydrating the surface skin, keeping it plump and glowing. As our skin is cleansed and some of the moisture goes away with the cleanser, it is up to moisturizer to balance and rehydrate the skin. Moisturizers provide a protective barrier to hydrate the skin. This is important for overall skin health keeping fine lines/wrinkles at bay. Most moisturizers are thick in texture but can come in lightweight lotions as well as gel formulations. Finding the correct moisturizer for your skin type is crucial. Usually drier skins need thick moisture, while as oily / acne prone skin types need gel moisturizers. 

moisturizers by skin type:

dry - bioelements crucial moisture

very dry - bioelements really rich cream

oily skin - kiehls ultra facial oil - free gel cream

sensitive skin/compromised barrier - bioelements barrier fix daily hydrator 

 Face Oils:

Face oils are usually plant based and are light weight in texture. They nourish, soothe, calm, and aid in protecting the skin. Face oils can penetrate and nourish skin cells at a deeper level and provide long lasting nourishment as well as aids in preventing (Transepidermal Water Loss)  moisture  loss. 

What is Transepidermal Water Loss?? It is the amount of water that evaporates through the skin barrier. When the skin’s barrier is damaged or not working properly this allows excess moisture to leave the skin much faster causing dry skin, dehydrated skin, irritations, flakiness, tight feeling skin, and even breakouts.. eventually.

Some ingredients to look for: argan oil, squalane, jojoba oils, rosehip seed oil

// my current favorite facial oil is the Bioelements Dewluxe (shop here) - it's a spa experience in a bottle. //

Read more about facial oils here.


You can use moisturizers and face oils together. You would apply the moisturizer first and then the face oil would go after and is usually the last step of your skin care routine. Moisturizers are usually water based that gets absorbed on the skins surface and facial oils penetrate deep into the skin to lock in and provide long lasting hydration. In my skin care routine I use my facial oil at night to aid in hydrating and providing a beautiful skin glow into the morning. It is not recommended to use facial oil in place of your moisturizer, rather as an aid and an enhanced dose of moisture. 

Key pieces: 

Both moisturizer and face oils can be included in your skin care routine. 

Moisturizers help to hydrate the surface skin.

Face Oils provide hydration and nourishment at deeper level.

Moisturizer goes first and then face oil is last. 

Face Oil locks the moisture from your moisturizer in to aid in overall skin health and provide a beautiful glow. 


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